Mastering Government Contracts: The Middleman Approach for Success!

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Any of this sound familiar?

Are you NEW to government contracts and feeling overwhelmed by where to start and how to navigate the process?
Have you ever felt uncertain about how to secure government contracts without any prior experience or knowledge in this area?
Are you eager to explore government contracting opportunities but find the lack of experience holding you back from taking that first step?
Do you feel like government contracts are out of reach, and you wish there was a guided pathway to enter this lucrative market?
Are you wondering how to create winning proposals for government contracts when you're starting from scratch?
Have you ever felt frustrated by the complexity of government contracting, wishing there was a clear and supportive approach for beginners like you?
If so, just know I’ve been there and you’re not alone...

We've got you covered, here is what you will learn

in our 5 days together...

Mastering Lucrative Contract Opportunities

Learn the secrets of becoming a middleman and gain access to exclusive and profitable government contracts without getting bogged down in day-to-day operations.

Discover the untapped potential in government contracts and how they can transform your business, setting the stage for your future success.

You'll gain expert guidance, real-life examples, and strategies to kickstart your success as a middleman.

Connecting with Top-Notch Subcontractors

Forge powerful partnerships with reliable subcontractors to expand your project capabilities.

Learn expert tips and strategies for networking and building strong alliances within the government contracting realm.

Position your business for growth by collaborating with top-performing subcontractors who share your vision.

The Art of Calling Subcontractors

Unlock the art of engaging and negotiating with potential subcontractors confidently.

Discover persuasive communication techniques to entice subcontractors to work on your projects.

Develop a winning approach to securing the best talent and enhancing your competitive advantage.

Crafting Compelling Proposals

Discover the art of crafting winning proposals that government agencies can't resist.

Learn to showcase your unique value proposition and expertise to stand out from the competition.

Get insider tips on tailoring your proposals to address agency needs and maximize your chances of success.

Your Government Contracting Blueprint Revealed!

Discover Our Proven Government Contracting Blueprint to Lucrative Opportunities, Powerful Partnerships, and Winning Proposals!

Unlock the secrets to scaling your government contracting success with the Middleman Strategy to 6-7 Figures and beyond.

Harness the power of streamlined processes, efficient workflows, strategic boss moves and decision-making.

Make the math make sense by learning the million dollar formula.


Wes Fisher

Wesley Fisher is a dynamic entrepreneur and government contracts expert, specializing in the innovative Middleman strategy. With a background as an educational school teacher, he demonstrated a deep commitment to the growth and development of special education students. Additionally, Wesley's visionary leadership led him to establish multiple million-dollar businesses, including an adult home health care facility. However, it was his fascination with government contracts that reshaped his career trajectory.

Driven by the immense potential and flexibility of government contracts, Wesley pursued a path to master the art of winning these opportunities. Standing out in his industry, he revolutionized the process by leveraging the Middleman strategy. Recognizing that many businesses struggle to secure contracts due to inadequate proposals, Wesley streamlined the approach, enabling aspiring contractors to land contracts swiftly.

Wesley Fisher's mission is to empower others in the government contracts arena. He passionately shares his knowledge and experience, guiding businesses to embrace the world of government contracts with confidence. Through his mentorship, he shortens the typical contract-winning timeline, turning possibilities into tangible results. By joining Wesley on this transformative journey, businesses can access a world of new opportunities and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

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What others are saying...

"In 2 months we’ve won a contract worth $60k! It’s the first proposal we have submitted and we actually got it! And now we just got the official documents! All thanks to you Wes, just all your guidance and we got it!"

- Caur

"Just landed a 3 Year Contract for $300K! After the five-day challenge I joined the mentorship program, it was a game-changer! Having someone hold my hand and provide support made all the difference!"


"I finally got to see the results.

We won our first 1 year government contract after joining your mentorship program!

I want to let everyone know the process does work, this is the first of many!"


I attended Wes’s class in Dec, it was perfect timing for me because I needed to set goals for the new year, Wes has a teaching background, so the information provided was structured step by step, to the point and left time for questions and explanation. It was exactly what I was looking for! I highly recommend it.
- Dee Dee
Within just three days, I was awarded not one but two contracts, the first for $15,000 and the second for an impressive $50,200. His strategies are a game-changer!
- Chris T.
"Before working with Wesley, I had no experience in the security sector whatsoever. But with his guidance, I successfully secured my very first contract—a remarkable $212,000 deal for a one-year term with a three-year option! In total 600K for my first contract. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results!"
- Terico

Frequently asked questions

Discover what you need to know about the 5 day challenge...

What is the difference between General Admission and VIP for the 5-day challenge?

General Admission ticket holders attend live sessions on Facebook from 12 pm to 1 pm Eastern Standard Time, while VIP ticket holders join a Zoom call from 11 am to 1 pm Eastern Standard Time. VIP participants have the opportunity to interact with the host, ask questions, and receive more support.

What are the benefits of joining the VIP option for the 5-day challenge?

VIP participants get exclusive access to a Zoom link where the doors open at 11am EST each day, allowing you to interact with the host in a group setting. They can ask questions, receive personalized guidance, and be part of a supportive community. VIP also includes guest speakers and bonus training, providing more hands-on support and specific answers to their questions.

What if I don't have a Facebook account for General Admission?

If you don't have a Facebook account, you can either upgrade to VIP to access the Zoom call or request a refund if you prefer not to participate in the challenge. Email [email protected]

Do I need to have certain documents like LLC, EIN, CAGE code, or UEID number to join the challenge?

While having those documents is beneficial, they are not mandatory to participate in the 5-day challenge. The challenge focuses on submitting proposals, and basic registration steps (such as getting an LLC or CAGE code) are expected to be completed beforehand. Resources are available in the Facebook group to guide participants on these steps.
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